Monday, October 12, 2009

Dilberts boss and Dayton Moore

I don't know if Scott Adams even knows about DM and his absurd process but yesterdays Dilbert strip seemed like it was mocking the Royals general manager. Seriously, check it out.

My posting infrequency is due to lack of a cooperating laptop than the seasons end or a dreadful season. I hope to have a new one soon as the computer tech pronouncede my old one DOA. My postings will pick up even though I'm sure I've lost most of my readers with my absence.

Now on to an actual Royals topic - Mike Jacobs. Common sense would dictate that his career with KC consists of a one and done but common sense has no place in the Royals front office as we've so often found out. I was kind of glad he failed to hit 20 home runs because I was sure that Moore would use that one stat to justify bringing him back despite a .698 OPS. (Hey he hit 20 homers, thats what we brought him here to do!) It'll be a tougher sell with only 19. And I know I was a big Jacobs supporter early in the year but I would like to point out that I didn't like that trade before I liked it (that worked for John Kerry, well no I guess it really didn't).

If KC still refuses to give Kila a shot I'd like to see them stick Callaspo or Guillen in the DH spot. Of course that probably means 650 plate appearances for Bloomquist next year but at least that would be a defensive upgrade.

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