Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mid week thoughts

The Royals have signed or are close to signing Wilson Betemit to a minor league contract. Ex-Brave joke aside it's probably not a bad move as it adds ML ready depth should Gordon spend time on the DL again. Of course you could also make the argument that with Fields and Callaspo third base would be covered without Betemit and you'd be right.
I haven't posted on the Callaspo trade rumor as I believe there is no way that Moore is idiotic enough to do that swap. Now should the Dodgers throw in another prospect that evens out the trade then it's a different story. Royalscentricity, Kings of Kauffman, and Royals on Radio do tackle the rumor. Rany mentions this and other moves in his first post-I'm Done entry.
Something that has been bugging me is all the trade player x now because his value is at a high talk. Continually trading players when they become productive for prospects puts the team in a perpetually rebuilding mode. Sorry but the Royals have mastered that and I can't stomach going through it again. Here's an idea, keep your good players and build around them. Don't trade them for prospects that may or may not pan out.


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  7. I am only stating that they should trade Callaspo because he is awful defensively and I fear that his power surge was a mirage. You'll note that I'm not advocating shipping off Billy Butler. I just sincerely doubt the sustainability of Callaspo's 2009 numbers.

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