Saturday, November 7, 2009

So what's next?

Regardless how you feel about the Teahen trade one thing this did do is muddy the infield spots. I think we can all agree on this. Right now there are nine players for seven spots, assuming the DH is filled by one of these guys. I think that's certain to happen as I believe Trey and DM still view Jose Guillen as an everyday rightfielder. Now I could just wait and see where the dominoes fall but I feel like doing some speculatin'.

Here are the aforementioned players:

So looking for a 1B/2B/SS/3B/DH and two reserves and we realize there are a couple certainties, 1) Butler will play first base again (his inability to turn the all too common 3-6-3 notwithstanding) and 2) Betancourt is still the shortstop (unfortunately). Two guys will be on the outside looking in. When I read Moore's quote that things haven't worked here I thought of Jacobs, as if Moore was genuinely surprised that a guy with a .299 OBP in 2008 would have a .297 OBP in 2009.

Sometimes players are what they are and all the coaching in the world isn't going to change it. The key to building a competitive roster is to not bring players in that don't improve the team. In other words players like Jacobs, Betancourt, Farnsworth, Ramirez, Ponson, and Bloomquist have already established their skillset. You especially can't throw valuable resources ($$$) at them either as it hampers your ability to improve once you realize (although refuse to admit) the error of your ways. Now this isn't necessarily to knock Fields and Getz because they are young enough to suddenly get it. They are also cheap and do offer some sort of no risk, high reward potential. But I wondered off track so to get back to my point I believe Jacobs is gone.
Aviles is probably the other odd man out as is a guy I didn't list above, Kila Ka'aihue (he should've been the DH in 09 and definitely should be in 10 but the non-callup spoke volumes about his future in KC). Now barring another trade that will render this post meaningless here is what I see happening:
1B - Butler
2B - Getz
SS - Betancourt (sigh)
3B - Gordon
UT - Bloomquist (2B,SS)
UT - Fields (1B,3B)
DH - Callaspo

Now I can probably live with this as long as Callaspo gets his plate appearances. He's the key to me and the reason why I wasn't enthralled with the trade that brought over his potential replacement. There is also the idea floating around that Gordon could be moved to first base so Fields can play third. I don't care for this much at all because Butler I think is adequate enough defensively and it would move Callaspo to the bench (should Getz win the 2B job, which he absolutely will).

I still think there will be another trade or two so it looks to be an interesting winter.


Anonymous said...

I think you are missing a scenario here, Callaspo to 3B and Gordon to 1B. If GMDM is focused on improving the defense, then this one move has improved 3 infield positions (assuming that Callaspo's defense plays as average or above at 3B). The hang-up with this is that it moves Butler to DH and gives us no where to hide Guillen/Fields. It's also possible that Callaspo could be tried in the OF or as a super-utility guy to keep his bat in the lineup.

Jeff Parker said...

I don't like that scenario because I fall into the camp that thinks Butler is too young to be labeled a DH. Right now though I am almost convinced that either Callaspo or Gordon will be traded.

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