Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Andrew Reilly on BA

Only knowing what baseball-reference tells me about Brian Anderson I once again turned to White Sox blogger Andrew Reilly to fill in the details. I'm guessing Andrew didn't mind the trade that sent Anderson to the Red Sox last season.

Here is his take:
BA (that's what we called him; feel free to co-opt our hilariously unimaginative nickname) is a fantastic defender. Objectively speaking, he may be one of the top five center fielders in the American League, and if the Royals want to take a Mariners-lite approach and win through defending, he's a fantastic option. Great reads, perfect routes, laser cannon for an arm.

Unfortunately, his bat is useless. Well, not useless, but he struggles mightily at the plate in a few situations, namely:

- against lefties
- against outside breaking pitches low and away
- with two strikes
- with runners in scoring position
- with a runner on first
- on 3-1 counts

On the plus side, he hit two home runs off of Felix Hernandez in his first major league game. Man, that was awesome. Basically, you're welcoming to town a young Jay Buhner, minus the crazy. And minus the offensive fireworks. Other than that, great pickup by Dayton Moore.

You can read more of Andrew's writing at the 35th Street Review.


  1. The BA stands for Bad Attitude. It ties in nicely with the way that he pities fools.

  2. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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