Thursday, December 3, 2009

How does Pudge fit into "the process"?

I've been away for a while and it appears several juicy rumors have captivated Royals nation. I may be late to the party since these have been covered elsewhere (and quite well too) but I'm going to add my two cents anyway.

I like Erik Bedard, always have, and when he's healthy he's among the better left handed starters in baseball. But that's the thing - he is seldom healthy. He's made only 30+ starts once in his career and has never had a 200 inning season. An innings eater he is not. But what few innings he has pitched has been very effective (121 ERA+). So even if KC gets 15 starts from him 2010 it will be 15 games not started by an inferior pitcher. I imagine a combination of 32 starts by Bedard/Davies will probably end up being around league average or above if Davies can rediscover his 2008 form.

The Royals also have an apparent interest in Ivan Rodriguez. Sigh!!!
Fun stat, OPS since start of 2007 season:
Pudge - .698
Buck - .719
Olivo - .721

Pudge will be 38 on opening day, Buck will be 29. Pudge is in decline offensively and defensively and is way past his prime. Buck probably is what he is ever going to be but right now that is better than Rodriguez. I half jokingly suggested on twitter that maybe Royals bloggers should encourage Moore to sign Pudge, you know since he always seems to do the opposite of sanity. Can't hurt. This move really would boggle the mind as KC isn't an Ivan Rodriguez away from contention (you know if they had signed him for the 2003 season they probably win the Central that year), I actually have a hard time believing any team is.

Final conclusion - yes to Bedard, no to Pudge.


  1. Maybe they've decided this is the easiest, and therfore, best--com'on, it's the Royals--way to get a Hall of Famer with "Royals" on his resume.

  2. Apparently so and it looks likes they still have legitimate interest.