Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So it's a major league deal

Well that changes my opinion of the Brian Anderson signing only slightly. It's not really something to get overly excited about or all worked up over. I liked it better as a minor league depth type of deal but a one year $700,000 contract is nowhere close to being Moore's worst acquisition. He is essentially a Mitch Maier clone which is one reason why the move initially confused me, I mean we already got one.

Check it out:
2009 - .243/.333/.331/78 OPS+
Career - .249/.328/.324/75 OPS+

2009 - .243/.328/.347/75 OPS+
Career - .227/.290/.370/69 OPS+

The similarities don't stop with the stats - they are the same age (27) and were drafted in the same round (1st) in the same year (2003). Anderson is considered the better defensive player (if only slightly) but I would imagine the sample sizes are too small to be 100% accurate.

Having two players with identical strengths and weaknesses who share the same position is a concern from a roster standpoint. It's a lot like the Olivo/Buck situation except cheaper.

I'm a little confused by Moore's quest to obtain as many mediocre ChiSox players as he can. Anderson is the fourth player from the 2009 White Sox brought into the organization this off-season (Betemit, Getz, Fields are the others). For the record Chicago only won 79 games so it's not like he's dismantling a dynasty. I sincerely hope Scott Podsednik will not be the fifth but I imagine the Anderson signing ended that potential nightmare.

Lesson learned -  Chicago is the new Atlanta.


  1. That is insane!

    Is Dayton Moore using Baseball-Reference.com's Play Index to find all the worst OPS+ players in the league? I mean com'on! How does he find all these guys? I can hear GM's laughing at him all over the place.

    Look at the OPS+'s he'll be marching out there in '10...

    97 OPS+ Guillen ('06-'09)
    82 OPS+ Betancourt ('05-'09)
    76 OPS+ Kendall ('05-'09)
    75 OPS+ Maier ('06-'09)
    69 OPS+ Anderson ('05-'09)

    ...what kind of production is he expecting this team to have??? Is he kidding??

    In the meantime he lets Buck & Jacobs go, who were actually better than the guys he replaced them with...

    104 OPS+ Jacobs ('05-'09)
    85 OPS+ Buck ('05-'09)

    Which makes me wanna look at the stats of whoever's left who will probably get significant PA's...

    110 Butler ('07-'09)
    107 DeJesus ('05-'09)
    97 OPS+ Gordon ('07-'09)
    96 OPS+ Callaspo ('06-'09)
    84 OPS+ Freel ('05-'09)
    77 OPS+ B Pena ('05-'09)
    44 OPS+ T Pena ('06-'09)

    ...it's very sad when your biggest stars have an OPS+ of 110 and 107 over the past few seasons.

    You know, it makes me wonder if Moore thinks OPS+ works something like... 100 = 100% better than league average LOL

  2. Its depressing especially since he wants to trade Callaspo who was very good last season. I think KC will set all kinds of offensive records next season unfortunately they will start with "lowest...".