Monday, December 14, 2009

Who is "everybody"?

“We’ve got a good group of young catchers coming. Everybody in baseball recognizes that. Who is going to mentor them?” Dayton Moore

Well not Jason Kendall since he'll be in KC and Myers and Pina won't unless I'm missing something. I mean Kendall is not going to be a roving minor league catching instructor. This seems like Moore grasping at straws in trying to defend an indefensible signing. I really have nothing else to add as the stats speak for themselves (2007-2009 .633 OPS) so I'll try to accept that this really happened and move on.

I'm not sure how the conversation with Glass went DM when informed him of the Kendall signing but I'd like to think it went something like this.

Moore: Great news Mr. Glass, we got Jason Kendall.
Glass: Is he any good?
Moore: He was fantastic 10 years ago.
Glass: I see, what about now?
Moore: Not really.
Glass: I see. Does it make the team better?
Moore: Not really.
Glass: I see. Does it save me money?
Moore: Not really.
Glass: So what's the point?
Moore: It'll drive the bloggers crazy.
Glass: I see.........I'd like my checkbook back.


  1. just when you thought he couldn't sound more defensive...

    his only argument is to appeal to authority... sad

  2. Agreed Will, its gotten old really quick.

  3. Ah, but you see this is David Glass, so this is how it actually happened:

    Moore: It'll drive the bloggers crazy.
    Glass: Excellent.

  4. Worst part about that anon 7:56 is that when I was reading your comment
    Glass: Excellent....

    I immediately heard Monty Burns. Now forever they will be linked in my head.

  5. Anon - True, probably would've been more plausible.

    Charles - lol