Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it my imagination or are the 2010 Royals starting to resemble the 2009 White Sox?

Yeah I know, the title is a bit snarky and the joke has been played out. Still you have to admit that acquiring four players from a 79-83 team is a bit curious - especially since all four had an OPS+ below 100.


I know this blog has been filled with negativity since last summer so I'll try to attempt some optimism starting with the Chicago foursome. Looking at each I can see why Moore targeted them. Podsednik brings speed, Fields power, Anderson and Getz defense. If used right I can see Fields having a good year. He should start at DH every time a LHP faces KC. In 218 major league at bats versus lefties Fields has hit .285/.356/.580, against right handed pitchers it falls to .206/.280/.348 in 528 PA's. Now if Moore is imaginative to promote Kila Ka'aihue he could be Fields platoon partner. He hit .250/.403/.476 versus right handers last season for Omaha. Now I'm no mathmagician or prognosticator but I gotta believe those two could easily top the .209/.281/.374 line KC received out of the DH position in '09.

After the Podesednik signing it appears Anderson is destined to be a late inning defensive sub this year, most likely for Jose Guillen (well in theory, Hillman doesn't often make the most likely move). Maier is probably gone.

I think right now Getz is the starting second baseman with Callaspo either being traded or moved to DH. I don't believe his edge in defense makes up the gap in offense but I could be wrong. If he can approach his .286/.362/.380 line with above average defense then I don't imagine anybody will mind Callaspo getting the boot off second.

These moves could potentially pay off (Fields and Getz in particular) if Moore and Hillman play it smart, and that's what I'm hoping for.


  1. It's nice to see a somewhat positive look at possibilities for the 2010 season. I'm not sure that I agree with platooning Kila and Josh though. Kila is limited to 1b/DH which makes him an unlikely bench/platoon guy. The only reason for him to be on the team is if they are going to give him a look as the full-time 1B/DH (which I doubt, Moore loves his scouts and the scouts say he has a slider speed bat). Also, if Callaspo moves to DH, then giving Fields at-bats there against LHP doesn't make sense as Callaspo also does his best work against LHP (.361/.391/.522 in 2009). I've said this in many places, but Moore's moves this offseason really only make sense if DDJ and Callaspo are traded. I'm fine with this plan as trading DDJ would save us several million this year (and potentially next) while hopefully bringing in prospects to join the 2011/12 wave in the minors. I'm also ok with trading Callaspo as I'm not sold that he can repeat his power output from last year (which leaves him as a slow, poor defense, slap hitter without a position). If these guys are traded then your take on Fields usage would be right on, but we would still need a somewhat versatile left-handed bat to platoon with him (Hinske would have been great for this).

  2. You may be right about Kila but I think the reward would be worth it. I'm also expecting DDJ and Callaspo to be traded. If he's not I think Callaspo's bat is legit which is why it wouldn't bother me to see him DH should they not have an interest in a Kila/Fields platoon.

  3. Part of my point was that there is no reason to platoon Kila/Fields if you are keeping Callaspo as the DH. There is simply no room on the roster for Butler, Fields, Kila and Callaspo. Their skillsets are all too similar. Good bats, bad defense, slow, etc. If Butler plays 1B and you DH Callaspo there is no playing time for a Fields/Kila platoon. If you platoon Fields/Kila at DH then there is no reason to keep Callaspo on the roster as he offers no defensive value as a utility player. It will be interesting to see how they break this logjam going forward.

  4. Yeah I get that but I'm assuming that if Callaspo DH's then Kila doesn't make the team. I can't really envision a scenario where they carry both and Getz. Of course Moore may sell Kila to another team like he did Huber a couple years back making my preference impossible.

    They already weakened the offense by replacing Olivo/Buck with Kendall. If they don't trade Callaspo he has to play somewhere so might as well be DH. And maybe he plays 2nd against LHP's with Fields DHing. It will be interesting to see what they decide.

  5. I've given up on the pipedream of Moore giving Kila a shot. I wish Moore would lean more towards the statistical analysis community, but he is firmly entrenched in the scouting world and that isn't going to change. I would like to see Fields in a platoon at DH. Some options that offer more versatility than Kila are: Dellucci, Winn, Chad Tracy and maybe even Dmitri Young if he is healthy. All of these guys can still hit RHP well and play multiple positions. Of course if Moore can somehow land a Thome/Dye type as a fulltime DH for peanuts then the platoon can be forgotten until after the all-star break (assuming the Thome/Dye DH is flipped at the deadline). Hopefully Moore will find some interesting way to fill out this platoon which gives us multiple options going forward.

  6. 79-83 might be a goal worth aiming for considering what we put up last year.

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