Friday, January 8, 2010

It just keeps getting better

So it appears that signing Brian Anderson didn't prevent Moore from getting Scott Podsednik after all. Podsednik did have a decent season in 2009 (.304/.353/.412 30 SB's) but during 2006-2008 he batted .256/.322/.353, which is probably more suited to Moore's tastes. There's not an awful lot to like about this signing because it will mean less playing time for Mitch Maier and Anderson. I mean why see what you have in a couple players in their late 20's when you can have a 34 year old roaming centerfield? Are they long term answers in centerfield? Probably not. Is Podsednik? Definitely not! Especially since the last season Podsednik was any everyday centerfielder was 2004. Moore once again shows a total disregard for the present.

I understood trading for Getz & Fields and signing Anderson, there might be some upside, but Podsednik and Kendall baffle me.


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