Friday, January 22, 2010

Rick Ankiel

Surprisingly I don't hate this signing. Ankiel's 2009 season was a disappointment (76 OPS+) but in 2007 and 2008 combined he hit .270/.334/.515 with 36 home runs in 653 plate appearances. His 3.4 WAR in 2008 is almost equal to Jose Guillen's WAR in his career (3.8). While this move could be a prelude to a DDJ trade it could also mean the Royals are willing to eat the 12 million dollars Guillen is owed for 2010. That would actually be smart baseball. Guillen is not good (I know, I know, that's grass is green sky is blue obviousness. Sorry) and his mere presence on the 25 man roster hurts KC's chances of playing any sort of winning baseball. Ankiel isn't a world beater but I gotta believe that he is better than Guillen.

There is also the possibility that Guillen moves to DH, which would destroy my dream of a Kila/Fields platoon. This would also probably mean that Callaspo is all but gone (which I think he is anyway). Right now I'm envisioning a Pods/DDJ/Ankiel outfield with Anderson stealing rightfully taking away at bats away from Podsednik as the season advances. Maier, I still believe, will not make the team.

Some things have to play out for this move to make sense but for once Moore seems to have did okay.

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