Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dayton and Trey

I think a lot of people were surprised when Dayton brought Trey back for the 2010 season. At the surface it didn't make much sense, I mean here was a team that many predicted to win the Central (yes even me) and they limped to a last place finish - or fourth place if you're a glass half full kind of person. But the more I've thought about it I decided it wasn't such a bad idea especially while watching Moore fail to improve the team this offseason. I think Moore may realized that the Royals are still a ways away from competing and he may have decided it was unwise to bring in a new manager just to lose 90 games. I think Trey is down to his last year unless he can pull a .500 record out of his hat, which will be difficult with the roster Moore has given him. Now clearly Trey hasn't been given much talent to work with but his in game managing leaves a lot to be desired. I think when they move to 2011 and beyond, when the Moore's minor league prodigies start arriving, there will be a new sheriff in the dugout.

Which brings me to Moore and the minor leagues, popular opinion is that Moore is keeping the KC team afloat until Moustakas, Crow, Hosmer, Montgomery, Melville, and company are ready. But why do people think we will be competitive then? I've got news for you, KC is not going to field a team with 25 home grown players and most likely not all of KC's prospects will reach their full potential. Remember the 2006 Wichita team, we couldn't wait for Butler, Gordon, Greinke, and Lubanski (plus Huber in AAA and newly drafted Hochevar) to get here. Well that hasn't worked out quite like we thought. Which means Moore will need to bring other players in to fill holes. So if they need a power hitter is Moore going to bring in a Jacobs type?
If they need a bullpen arm is he going to trade for a Farnsworth or a HoRam?

It'll be nice if all the prospects pan out, history tell us they won't, so if KC is going to compete Moore is going to have to learn to change what he desires in a player.

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