Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Kila prediction

Kila Ka'aihue will be traded. I don't think the roster as currently set up has a place for him and I can't see the sense in sending him back to Omaha.

Of course it's always possible they complete his Huberization and just sell him to a NL team. I think he would be productive in a DH platoon with Josh Fields but the Royals apparently feel otherwise. One year after hitting .314/.456/.628 with 37 home runs between AA and AAA Kila didn't even rate a September callup - despite receiving one in 2008. He is the reason why many felt the Mike Jacobs trade made less than zero sense and then when Jacobs went out and hit .224/.294/.384 as a DH it became clear to everyone Moore made a mistake. While Kila couldn't repeat his great 2009 season he did have a .392 OBP and for the second consecutive season walked over 100 times.

This year it looks like DH duty is falling to Bert Callaspo or Jose Guillen so Kila will continue his Jack Cust progression to the majors. Cust has a much more impressive minor league resume for sure but check out the age 25 seasons for both players.

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Cust didn't get a real opportunity until he was 28 but all he has done since then is put up a 125 OPS+. Now that's not to say Kila will be as productive, most likely he won't, but a guy who has OBP'd .456 and .392 the last two seasons deserves a chance somewhere. Unfortunately I don't think it will be in KC.


  1. He'll catch on somewhere and I think someday will be a 25+ HR guy in the majors, while consistently hitting around .250 and getting on base near a .400 clip.

    Nah, we don't need him and his "slider speed" bat...

  2. If he were traded, I suppose we would be looking for a player in another organization that is similarly blocked by someone at the major league level. (Of course, the frustrating part for us is that he is probably blocked by an inferior player or at least one with way less upside.) So, what are we looking for? A near major league ready catcher? Starting pitcher prospect? We certainly don't need any more OFs, 1B, 2B, or 3B.

    If someone had a stud SS that they want to give us in exchange for Kila, maybe that's interesting. I'd rather see Hawaiian Punch mashing HRs (and walking 100 times/yr) for us though.

  3. The talent is definitely there but when KC keeps trotting out overpaid unproductive veterans there is just no room for him.

    I'd still love for somebody to give Huber 500 PA's just to see what he could do.

  4. I think you're right, and the reason for you being right... is that the Royals do not understand OBP's value in an offense. I know that sounds insane, but so does the idea of Jason Kendall or Yuni Betancourt as regulars in the lineup.

  5. I think the Royals lack of interest in Kila probably hurts his trade value.

    Whats funny is he's the type of player KC should be targeting. Blocked, cheap, and productive.

  6. Good point Devon, it makes a person wonder if Moore grasps the correlation between OBP and runs.