Monday, February 15, 2010

Treys lineup

Courtesy of Bob Dutton we got a sneak peek at one of Trey's projected lineups. Here is his batting order along with their 2010 CHONE projections:


Not too much to pick at since we can obviously see it's a less than talented lineup, I don't care for their second best hitter to be batting seventh but I imagine that would change fairly quickly if Gordon does indeed turn out to be better than everyone but Butler. No Callaspo but Trey did say he would try and play him everyday - most likely between 2B, 3B, and DH.

But it was this little gem that caught my attention:

Hillman said he also still plans “to look” at Josh Field as a possible left fielder on occasions when facing a left-handed pitcher — particularly when playing in smaller parks on the road.

“You might see him in left and José in right in Chicago,” Hillman said. “And if I want to get a couple of more right-handed bats in the lineup, and Callaspo is in the infield, I might DH Brayan Peña. Something like that.”

Please don't. Guillen should have no reason whatsoever to pick up a glove this season and especially when the less-than-stellar-defensively Fields is in left field. Personally I'd rather see Fields DHing against left handed pitchers but I not sure that's likely as long as Guillen is on the roster. It really does seem, despite the black hole at the bottom of the order (Betancourt & Kendall), that Guillen really drags the lineup. When your DH is projected to have a .398 slugging percentage then maybe, just maybe, you might want to consider different options, other than your backup catcher DHing against lefties.


  1. DDJ - of
    Callaspo - 2b
    Gordon - 3b
    Butler - 1b
    Ankiel - of
    Fields - dh
    Betancourt - ss
    Kendall - c
    Pods - of

    Still not great but better than the Trey/Moore abomination.

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