Friday, March 12, 2010


Normally this time of year I have plenty to write about but for some reason I'm drawing blanks. So since I feel compelled to actually post something and am absolutely bored right now I thought I'd offer some boredom induced projections (BIPs, insert Bip Roberts joke here). Nothing groundbreaking going on here and no research, just gut feelings (JGFs isn't as catchy).

CJason Kendall2386.249.320.325
1BBilly Butler24901.295.365.505
2BAlberto Callaspo4525.310.361.425
SSYuniesky Betancourt8452.260.305.380
3BAlex Gordon217515.270.355.468
OFDavid DeJesus10627.285.351.430
OFRick Ankiel16556.248.297.405
DHJose Guillen8410.255.310.383
OFScott Podsednik35032.277.336.375
INFWillie Bloomquist22215.273.323.340
INFJosh Fields11440.245.309.430
OFBrian Anderson6287.257.326.384
INFChris Getz44721.274.329.378
CBrayan Pena5310.285.338.432

I don't know, am I too optimistic on some of them? Too pessimistic? They all seem reasonable in my opinion. I may project pitchers later this weekend, that is unless something more interesting comes up.


  1. Still a gordon fan, eh? They look ok but i think gordon hits less home runs and i think ankiel hits over 20.

  2. i think a little better for Ankiel and Getz, little worse for B. Pena.

    seems pretty reasonable, otherwise. what about a projection for Aviles? or was this just the opening day position players?

  3. Honsetly Aviles just slipped my mind but I can't imagine him getting meaningful playing time this year, ditto Kila. I hope I'm wrong about Ankiel and as far as Pena I doubt it matters since Kendall the Magnificent will catch 130+ games.

  4. I think Fields hits 20, I bet Ankiels ankle will be a problem all season.