Monday, April 5, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

The first Monday of April is the best sports day of the year. MLB's opening day and the NCAA title game, it just can't be beat. I had planned on doing a AL Central preview post like I've done the last two years but never got around to it. I had wanted to do something different but nothing at all works just as well. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it and I suspect none of you will either.

Now for some opening day thoughts. Dayton Moore said on 610 this morning that Kila needs to force the teams hand and believes he will. In my opinion he already has but Moore just hadn't noticed. This 12 million albatross at DH is a joke (albatross - obstacle to success, tell me that's not Jose Guillen in a nutshell). Guillen makes the team worse, he is a below average hitter that is incapable of playing an adequate right field. I know some think that since he's being paid then KC should play him to try and get their moneys worth. Why? He does nothing to improve the team and there is a better hitter in AAA. He needs to be released. But of course this won't happen and at some point he'll end up on the DL and Kila will most likely be brought up, though I think it's still possible he gets traded.

Willie Bloomquist will be starting at third base today. I know, right? Apparently Mike Aviles was never considered because of the "ability level that Willie Bloomquist brings to the table". Yeah he said that, and people wonder why I criticize his managerial skills (or lack thereof). Here are some of the things Bloomquist brings to the table - a .318 career on base percentage and a .332 career slugging percentage. So despite Aviles just crushing the ball in spring training Hillman falls back into the Bloomquist routine. That's fine, Greinke isn't used to much run support anyway. What a joke!

Meaningful baseball is finally here, that's all that matters. Now if Bloomquist starts Wednesday then we've got a problem.

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