Friday, April 16, 2010

OOTP simulation has KC winning the Central

OOTP Developments recently provided some bloggers with free copies of their latest baseball simulation game Out of The Park Baseball '11. They wanted us to sim the 2010 season and write about it, which I finally did (I actually think I missed their deadline). Well good news Royals fans, because in my sim KC finished 90-72, a whopping 13 games in front of the Twins. I played in commish mode so I didn't have any input in playing time or roster decisions. And that's the difference between this sim and reality because it gave Betancourt only 37 at bats, I guess even a computer program likes Aviles better. It also gave Callaspo and Pena more playing time than Getz and Kendall.

Here are the individual offensive performances.
Jason Kendall21117541261.256.315.346
Billy Butler5499116827900.306.376.525
Alberto Callaspo61410619615777.319.377.493
Mike Aviles62694192151027.307.347.486
Alex Gordon5537813419782.242.334.407
David DeJesus5576713510818.242.302.381
Rick Ankiel4698711931853.254.336.503
Scott Podsednik292467621413.260.330.315
Jose Guillen16822454251.256.315.375
Willie Bloomquist42452105104513.248.286.382
Mitch Maier1604020.250.294.250
Kila Ka'aihue8417303211.357.473.524
Josh Fields14817395150.264.325.405
Brayan Pena3645010510500.288.326.440
Yuniesky Betancourt3739031.243.300.297
Wilson Betemit48315060.313.377.438
Chris Getz163213812010.233.308.307

I will really not be a happy camper if Bloomquist comes to the plate over 400 times this season, I don't think he will, but I didn't think he would last year either. Ankiel probably won't hit 31 home runs and Aviles won't drive in 102 runs, other than those two I don't think anyone else's stats are beyond reasonable.
Pitching wise the game liked Davies (15-9 4.15) but only gave Hochevar one appearance. Greinke (16-13 2.84), Meche (14-11 5.02), Bannister (10-13 5.02), and Davies all made 30+ starts. The fifth spot in the rotation belonged to an odd combo of Osuna, Chen, and Pedro Martinez. Soria had 35 saves and Tejeda had a 2.06 ERA, the rest of the bullpen was unremarkable.
Unfortunately KC lost to the Yankees in the LDS, who in turn eventually lost to the Cardinals in the World Series. Trey Hillman won the Manager of the Year award and in an odd bit of simulating David Glass passed away. Weird but that's the kind of detail this game goes into (stat-wise it even tracks FIP, wOBA, ISO, and VORP, I wasn't expecting that).
I have played several baseball sims but this one easily tops them all.


  1. Well according to that sim, pods and getz are almost half way to their SB totals. aviles should and will be the starting ss in a month. so far the 4 pickups (kendall, pods, ankiel, and getz) are the mvp's of this team. I really like what moore has done with the hitters. he gets an "F" for the bullpen though.

  2. This game is great. Would love for this to come true, but I doubt it will.

    The advanced stats are new for this year I think.

  3. I played it YEARS ago, before it really developed into what I guess its become. I liked it before, but it was always so crazy slow. I think I'm going to give it another whirl though.