Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The weirdest bullpen stat of them all

Something unusual happened last night and I'm not talking about KC winning back to back to games for the first time this season. What happened was this, the bullpen gave up their first run of the year after taking over for Kyle Davies. Despite being an abomination all year they have simply been money every fifth day. After last nights ninth inning adventure they now have a 0.87 ERA in 10.1 innings when Davies starts, for the rest of the rotation they have 7.51 ERA in 50.1 innings. So not coincidentally the Royals are 3-1 when Davies takes the hill.

April 9th330035
April 14th2.100033
April 20th220002
April 26th351111
Total/Davies starts10.11011711
Total/non-Davies starts50.16444423338

This is strangely baffling because there really doesn't seem to be a logical explanation. Soria has pitched just 2.1 of those innings which means his less talented colleagues have gotten the job done as well. I guess it's just one of those baseball things but it makes absolute zero sense.


  1. Sadly, they refuse to do the same for Greinke. I couldn't believe Farnsworth and Chen finished out the game last night without giving Seattle the win. That was amazing.

  2. Yeah I thought they were going to lose too. I need to run the bullpen stats for the rest of the rotation. Might do that later today.