Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fall Guy

Trey Hillman has been mercifully relieved of his managerial duties. I think that's the best way to put it because while it was evident he wasn't going to succeed it was just as evident he wasn't giving the right resources to succeed. While in recent years mid-season managerial changes have catapulted teams into the playoffs that's not likely to happen in Kansas City. One thing the 2003 Marlins and 2009 Rockies had in common was they had the talent in place to make such a run, the Royals do not and that belongs at the feet of the Dayton Moore.

What's worse, that Hillman has let Bloomquist bat 37 times this year or Bloomquist being on the team in the first place? We can play that game all up and down the roster. Now I'm not giving Hillman a free pass here because he  absolutely did the least with what little he was given, I'm just saying you don't load a roster with the likes of Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Guillen, and Jason Kendall and expect to win. That Moore thinks this roster is still capable of competing for the division should scare every single Royals fan.

Today was a necessary first step in the right direction and no I don't think Ned Yost is the answer, that he was fired during the Brewers 2008 playoff run is probably significant. Player development needs to be his primary objective, not trying to win now. And that means Kila Ka'aihue & Brayan Pena needs to see playing time and Mike Aviles & Mitch Maier must keep receiving playing time. If Yost insists on playing Guillen and Kendall everyday then this is a lateral move, which I suspect it may be anyway. At any rate I'm sure he won't let Meche throw 128 pitches, although he did let an injury prone Ben Sheets throw 120+ pitches four times in 2008, so who really knows.

If nothing else I just want the dang bunting to stop.


  1. 100% accurate in your assessment of the organization as a whole. There were many times I wanted to see more emotion from Trey. How many times did he get thrown out of a game? Better yet, how many times should he have pressed on until he got thrown out of a game? Your comment about player developement will be a telling sign as to which direction this team is going. It will do absolutely no good to leave Jose Guillen in swinging at everything now that he thinks he can hit 50 home runs, but fails to realize he has cooled off significantly.

  2. yost is just more of the same, dude was working side by side with gmdm all year. think theyre not cut from the same cloth? I imagine he'll get the full time gig