Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well Kila Ka'aihue is on the bench tonight with a right hander pitching for the White Sox which presumably could mean a few different things.
  • Yost has also bought into Guillen's hot start and thinks he needs playing to time to come out of his slump.
  • Yost is unaware Guillen is in a slump.
  • Yost agrees with Moore that this roster can win now and doesn't want to put a rookie in the lineup.
  • Yost has been ordered by Moore to keep Guillen's 12 million dollar bat in the lineup.
Guillen is cold right now and has been for a while. He's hitting .141/.236/.219 over his last 18 games, which is half the season. I mean if they're going to put so much stock in his first 18 games (.351/.372/.716) they should at least acknowledge his recent dry spell and give the guy a day off (or two, or three....). Let's break his season down into three 12 game parts and you tell me if there is any reason why he should be in the lineup tonight.

4/5 to 4/185211451027.367.404.755
4/19 to 5/1513329216.213.255.404
5/2 to 5/1447611359.167.255.262

I gotta tell you, that's not pretty. And still he plays everyday. Alex Gordon found himself demoted and a new position for hitting .194/.342/.323 in 38 plate appearances but Guillen stinks for over half the season and all Hillman and now Yost remember are the first two weeks. It makes no sense and still we're being told to trust the process. Maybe it's just me but I would think the process would find room for a 26 year old with a .270/.410/.494 line in nearly 800 AAA PA's.

I figure at some point Kila will be traded to a NL team, one that already has a very good first baseman. Then when his minor league journey continues Moore can feel confident he won't be proven wrong. After all, he's done it before.

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  1. Thanks for posting the stats table. I think I was in the same situation that Yost is being accused of. I really haven't been paying attention to the every game and assumed guillen was still putting up decent numbers. I'm 100% in agreement that Kila should be getting AB's against RHP, at least two starts/week while he is up.