Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meche to the DL (finally)

The only thing unexpected about this was how long it took. Meche started the year on the disabled list and hasn't looked quite right since coming off. He's 0-4 with an unholy 6.66 ERA and he's walking a ridiculous 6.3 batters per nine innings, which should have been clue one that something was wrong. Now the W/L record is obviously irrelevant but quite justified (unlike Greinke). You can debate the wisdom of Hillman and Yost to let a guy with known arm issues throw 120+ pitches in a game, I think it was foolish and unnecessary. (You can also debate the wisdom of me using the words wisdom and Hillman in the same sentence.)

He has just one quality start, well technically two but it's hard to see any good in an 8 inning, 7 walk performance, unless of course wildness counts as a prized quality. I'm really wondering if Meche has anything left or if his career has ventured into Scott Elarton territory. In recent years KC fans have witnessed some pretty atrocious pitching seasons by guys on the downward slope of their careers but this one is by far the most painful to watch. And I think it's because he was supposed to represent a new era in Kansas City, where the Royals would be players on the free agent market outbidding other teams. For two and a half years Meche earned his money but then it all went to hell and now that fifth year, the one that brought him here, is looming large in the Royals financial future. Because money spent on what's left of Meche is money that can't be spent elsewhere, of course when you consider the elsewheres Moore has signed that may not entirely be a bad thing.

I expect ineffectiveness followed by DL stints will be the norm for Meche for the remainder of his career. Bruce Chen is taking his spot in the rotation for the short term, I can't imagine that ending well at all, although I doubt he can be any worse than Meche.

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