Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rosa, Gordon, and Kila

There have been some recent moves so I thought now would be a nice time to post something. Carlos Rosa was traded and while initially blasted the general consensus seems to be that it was a good move. I mean if you can get a 20 year old shortstop with upside for an unproven relief pitcher then you do it every time. But I don't like it for a couple reasons. One, it really looks to me that his upside is TPJ 2.0 and I didn't care for the original and I'm not all that eager to see the sequel appearing at the K in a couple years. And two, I know Rosa hasn't been sharp and there is legitimate concern about his command and decrease in velocity. But I wonder if this isn't something that the big league coaching staff could fix. The retreads that Moore called up and Hillman keeps going to, well I just gotta believe that Rosa is better than most of them. If the bullpen wasn't such a disaster with no help in sight I may like this trade a little bit, but probably not.

The Alex Gordon demotion and subsequent position change means two things, that in the short term the Royals value Getz at second more than Gordon at third and in the long term it means a position change isn't forthcoming for Mike Moustakas. I think we all assumed that was an eventuality. Moving Gordon to left field may be a good idea because outfield isn't a position of strength in the minors. This would allow them to keep Callaspo at third until Moustakas is ready while leaving Butler at first base. DH would presumably be there for the taking by Kila Ka'aihue (more on him later). If this isn't the plan then I fail to understand the point and since they're also planning on him playing first base I have my doubts. Gordon has struggled early (batting .194) but because of an 18.4% walk rate his OBP his .342, and that will surely go up when his bat comes around. He has certainly out hit Getz (.200/.265/.200). I suspect Moore has given up on him and this move is just a precursor to a trade. One definite positive to this move is that Mike Aviles was recalled and homered in his first start.

Rick Ankiel's long awaited trip to the DL has finally landed Kila in Kansas City. Will he play though? I seriously doubt it. Butler isn't sitting nor should he and I think Guillen's hot start is just one of twelve million reasons why Trey will keep him in the lineup. Ideally Kila would start at DH every time a right handed starter moving Guillen to right or to the bench. This season is lost and Kila's development is more important to the Royals future than Guillen playing every day in his walk year. I'm reminded of September 2007 when they had the opportunity to play Justin Huber but instead chose to keep giving guys like Emil Brown at bats despite the fact they didn't figure into their 2008 plans. So KC needs to decide between the present and the future, here's hoping they choose wisely.


  1. Great point with Moustakas. I hadn't thought about that aspect of Gordon's repositioning.

    To me, the position move also means the Royals have given up on Gordon being a star player for this organization.

    If they though he could still be a star for the team, the position change would happen at the MLB level (See: Albert Pujols - 3rd to OF, Ryan Braun - 3rd to OF and Miguel Cabrera - 3b to OF).

  2. Good point on Gordon, with Ankiel hurt it would be the right time to stick him out there. I really get the feeling his days with the Royals are numbered.