Saturday, June 26, 2010

And now a Buck/Kendall comparison

Miguel Olivo is having a pretty good year, he's batting .296/.357/.522 and he's thrown out 54% of the runners attempting to steal. But still, good riddance. John Buck is another story because he is the one I wanted the Royals to keep. I just didn't understand their insistence upon finding another catcher. I still don't, and I don't get all the love they've heaped on Jason Kendall this year either. Right now though  it appears the Royals made a mistake in not keeping Buck as he is having a very good season.

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This season is par for the course for the aging Kendall, he had a 74 OPS+ in 2008 and 72 in 2009. Buck is still showing some upside, last year he had a career best 103 OPS+, though it was just in 202 PA's. And the great defensive advantage that Kendall supposedly has just hasn't materialized. Kendall has 9 errors, now I'm not an expert on catchers defensive stats but that seems like an awful lot. Buck meanwhile has just 1 (in about 120 less innings). Kendall has 3 passed ball, Buck again with just one. They both have caught 24% of base stealers.

I didn't get it then, I don't get it now. Kendall playing everyday is up there with my other 2010 irritations which include ignoring Ka'aihue, punishing Gordon, and abusing Meche. The signing then and now was a mistake and unfortunately we get to watch it play out for another year and a half. Lucky us.


  1. You're forgetting the grit factor.

  2. Kendall has more tattoos than Buck...and we sure as hell don't need all those homeruns Buck has been hitting...

  3. I'm surprised you're so happy to lose Olivo. I'd think Olivo could do anything Buck can do and is probably better at calling a game. Did Greinke have a personal catcher last year or do you think Olivo may have helped him? Just curious since Olivo is now with an unreal Ubaldo. Just a thought....Good article though. I don't know why Jason Kendall is still a major league regular.

  4. He's a major league regular because the Kansas City Royals exist. Continuing to run out lackluster veterans have been the most frustrating thing for me about the Moore Administration.

  5. Kendall has value. There's just no way he should lead the league in innings caught. Seems to me that Moore signed Kendall before Buck signed with Toronto. Moore didn't realize he could have Buck back at such a decent price. Then we would have a catcher that might still be ascending.

  6. I must be lost on what his value might be.

  7. I did want them to keep Buck, but he hadn't had great numbers and he didn't have a great raport with some of the pitching staff (Grienke). Glad they didn't keep Olivo