Friday, June 11, 2010

Luke Hochevar's greatest hits

Luke Hochevar and I have a weird player/blogger relationship. I sponsor his b-r page but when I write a positive post he pitches poorly, I ignore him and he's lights out. Lately I have left him alone and he's been money on the mound. So despite my inner voice screaming at me to leave well enough alone I thought I'd do a Luke post. His last four starts he has 3.19 ERA in 31 innings with 28 strikeouts and just 6 walks. His last start he had a season high 10 strikeouts in seven innings, and despite giving up just one run he got stuck with the loss (this is called getting Greinke'd). What amazed me about that start was that according to his game score of 69 it was his third best start of the year and seventh best of his career. I thought it would've been higher but six times in his career he has had a game score of 70 or better (his greatest hits, if you will).

2009-09-18KCRCHWW 11-0 SHO9 ,W 9.03001501057685
2009-06-12KCRCINW 4-1 CG 9 ,W 9.0311131805779
2010-05-20KCRCLEW 9-3 CG 9 ,W 9.04332711077572
2009-06-29KCRMINW 4-2 GS-7 ,W 7.02004201026271
2010-04-07KCRDETW 3-2 GS-8 7.2500120895770
2009-07-25KCRTEXW 6-3 GS-7 ,W 7.053201311127670
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It really seems like he has turned a corner, which I think I've said before (like a dozen times). He has pitched at least six innings in nine of his twelve starts so at the very least he has graduated from the Jeff Suppan School of Eating Innings. His ERA on the season is an unimpressive 4.74 but if you toss out just one start his ERA drops to 3.78, which is impressive (for a Royals starter not named Greinke anyway, well not the current Greinke but you get my point). And really the 3.78 is more indicative of his 2010 performance, he is in the process of breaking out but because of one disastrous start it's hard to tell.

Now I realize he'll get shelled in his next start but I wanted to throw him some props anyway, he's been fun to watch even if the team he plays for hasn't been.