Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interesting couple days

So Moore finally makes a trade and it's not one of Guillen, Podsednik, or Farnsworth? Well color me confused. Callaspo wasn't blocking anyone and he's not overpaid on the verge of free agency either, this one doesn't make sense. He's also had a pretty solid career as a Royal with the bat. In franchise history, and among hitters with 1200+ PA's, he's 7th in batting average (.293) and 23rd in OPS+ (105). He was having a disappointing season this year and let's face it, Moore has never been enamored with him so I guess it's not a surprise.

Still with all that being said they did need another starting pitcher as Lerew just wasn't cutting it. Sean O'Sullivan is only 22 and despite an unimpressive minor league career is probably a decent 2011 option. More so, I'd say, than Bannister and Davies who both are on the verge of becoming journeyman middle relievers. KC also got 21 year old minor leaguer Will Smith in the deal so I guess you can consider it a win to get two starting pitchers for Callaspo, who most likely would've lost the 3rd base job to Moustakas at some point next season anyway. I can't say I love this trade but I don't hate it either.

Alex Gordon finally returned although it was under the worst possible circumstances, a season ending injury to DDJ. The injury deprives Moore of his best trading chip (I'm not buying that Soria gets traded) and Yost of his best player. I was really hoping Gordon would take over for a departed Podsednik who probably won't be dealt, I really don't believe there's going to be much interest in him. It's up to Gordon now, his first couple games were rough and he's going to need to hit to show the team he should be part of the future. I think he will.

Ankiel is back too, I'm less excited about him but hopefully with Maier as the 4th outfielder we won't be subjected to any more Bloomquist adventures in centerfield.

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