Monday, July 5, 2010

The offense

The Royals have outperformed my expectations on offense this year but this idea that they are having a good season at the plate is ludicrous. Depending upon what stat floats your boat at best they are slightly above average, at worst slightly below average. Here is where they rank in certain team statistics:

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So despite a batting average that is 20 points higher than the league average (.262) they are scoring runs at a below league average pace (4.53 PG). The reasons are many why this is happening - lack of power (slug), inability to draw/take a walk, frequency of bunts, caught stealings, and double plays (77, 3rd in AL). The Royals ineffectiveness in translating hits into runs is one of the most frustrating things to watch about this team. Sixteen times this season they have had 9+ hits and 3 or fewer runs in game, their record in those games is an unsurprising 3-13.

Last Saturday's game produced an example of their offensive ineptitude, Mike Aviles lead off the 5th inning with a double and the hot hitting Wilson Betemit attempted to bunt him to 3rd. I say attempted because it was an atrocious bunt and Aviles was thrown out. Because he squared late I assume Betemit did this of his own accord and you may call this good fundamental baseball but the runner was already in scoring position and didn't need to be moved over. Another reason why the bunt made no sense is because Betancourt was on deck and his failure's with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs this season have been many, in 21 PA's he has a .262 OPS. Yes, that is OPS not batting average. Just because they eventually won the game doesn't mean this inning should be discounted.

They really haven't been the disaster that I sometimes portray them to be but they are by no sense of the word prolific either. It'll be interesting to see who remains after the trade deadline and who gets called up because I gotta believe this offense will improve with Alex Gordon and Kila Ka'aihue's bats in it.


  1. I don't get why ur so high on gordon. He's been a bust since his first at bat, if anything the offense will be worse with him in it.

  2. Gordon isn't a bust. Posted a 109 OPS+ in 2008, then was hurt in 2009 and wasn't really given much of a chance in 2010.

    Typical of casual Royals fans to proclaim that Gordon is a bust, when his career numbers when healthy, obviously point in the other direction.

    If there is one knock on Gordon its that he's injury prone.

  3. I love the My Faves section of this website. Someone posted suggestion to check here on Royals Authority, and now this is favorite Royals website. Keep up the good work!

    If Guillen is going to be gimpy, can we just put him on DL until after ASB so he can get healed up properly?

  4. It would be helpful if Royals fans would learn to tamper their expectations and adapt to the mindset that Prospect AG, not Alex Gordon (TM), has reached a higher status than what you should reasonably expect any random prospect to reach. Yes, it would have been great if he'd become the .300/35/120 monster we had hoped he'd be on 6/7/05