Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another good move by Moore

Unable to trade to Jose Guillen I believe Dayton Moore made the right call in designating him for assignment. The 36 million dollar man's time in Kansas City was a massive failure. He hit just .256/.308/.420 with only 45 home runs but he definitely left his mark in other ways. While his 94 OPS+ and -0.8 WAR were certainly noteworthy he'll always be remembered for his penchant to frustrate fans and criticize teammates. Moore's cleaning the roster of the popular whipping boys is both unexpected and the right decision. While I'm not quite ready to trust the process I am willing concede that Moore has the franchise pointing in the right direction.

There is absolutely no reason why Kila can't play everyday now so Yost needs to make this happen. I don't want to see Bloomquist playing 3rd base and Betemit DH'ing. I will freak out man, I will freak out!!! I like Betemit at 3rd until Moustakas is ready and I like Bloomquist on the bench occasionally pinch running. I suspect Yost will do the right thing here, at least I hope so.

Now that Kila has been freed I guess Ed Lucas is the newest cause du jour. I do believe I'll sit this one out, he's having a fine year for sure but the rest of his minor league resume is slightly unimpressive. He's also being blocked by Betemit and Aviles, two players I happen to like. I suppose I wouldn't mind if he took Bloomquist's roster spot but it's not something I can get worked up about.

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