Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banny, Bully, and Pickering 2.0

Brian Bannister being put on the disabled list resulted in two moves I heartily endorse - Jai Miller has been called up and Bryan Bullington will remain in the rotation. I broached the subject of Miller last week suggesting that he'd be a better fourth outfielder option than Willie Bloomquist. Though with Gregor Blanco off to an unimpressive start Miller could possibly see regular time with Maier shifting back to center field, of course given Blanco's ex-Brave status that scenario is probably unlikely. Miller hit .267/.340/.531 with 18 home runs for Omaha and as the only right handed hitting outfielder (Bloomquist no longer counts) he should play once or twice a week.

After watching Bullington 2-hit the Yankees it was asinine for Yost to suggest that Bannister could rejoin the rotation. This was probably just one of those manager things, you know where they say something they don't really mean. Hillman had this mastered and it appears Yost is proficient at it also. Bullington may just be having a run of good luck but I firmly believe a starter should pitch his way out of the rotation and he hasn't done that yet. Bannister did and it sure seems like Davies is trying (Davies career ERA+ is 79, his ERA+ this season is 79. This is who he is). Bullington could implode his next start or could toss his third consecutive quality start, it's easy to forget that he only has 60 major league innings under his belt. Maybe he hasn't turned a corner but maybe he has.


The Calvin Pickering comparisons have already started for Kila Ka'aihue but I don't see where this is an insult. I guess people making this comparison forget that when Pickering was finally called up in 2004 he had a .500 SLG% and 113 OPS+ in 142 plate appearances. I'd be happy with similar numbers from Kila, wouldn't you? The Royals gave up on Pickering after only 31 PA's in 2005 so it's not like he was an utter failure. Kila has indeed struggled but is showing signs of coming out of it. In his last four games he has hit .357/.438/.429, sure it's a small sample size but he only has 70 big league plate appearances so his whole career is a small sample size. So let's not give up on him just yet.

Man, I wish I was blogging back in 04/05. I get a wistful feeling thinking about the infamous Pickering v Harvey debate, I spent a lot of hours debating the issue on message boards. Good times.


  1. Oh yes, you wouldve been all about free Pickering. I lol'd at your "wistful feeling". For the record I hated Harvey but he got a raw deal from the Royals. he was an all star and shouldve been treated better. Hope I didnt reignite the debate.

    I agree with you on Bullinton but not Miller, he is a k machine. You conveniently left that out.

  2. Um, I mentioned it last week. I said he strikes out a lot and doesn't get on base much. I also posted his stats. And I'd love for someone to re-ignite the debate, maybe I'm trying subconsiously. I couldn't get enough of people saying "Ken Harvey - all star". Such good times.

  3. There's not really anything wrong with striking out a lot. There's no functional difference between "Jai Miller strikes out" and "Jai Miller flies out to right".

  4. I don't get the argument about strike outs are the same as other outs. Am I missing something? A hitter can ground out to 2nd base and move the runner over to 3rd. Can a hitter that strikes out move the runner over? A hitter hits a deep fly ball, the runner from 3rd scores. How often can the runner score from 3rd when the hitter strikes out?

    I like the move to get Miller up, I would also endorse a move that brought up Lough or Coleman or Hardy. I would like to see the kids in AA move to AAA, and so on. When can we see that youth movement?