Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Kila here to play or to sit?

When Kila Ka'aihue was demoted earlier this year it was because they didn't want him to sit, which is exactly what he's done since being recalled. I'm, uh, confused. Like many fans I thought his promotion meant the team was finally phasing out Jose Guillen. After all only one of the two will be with the team next season so it only makes sense to get Kila as many at bats as possible. I imagine Moore is still trying to trade Guillen - now I don't know what he's asking but pay the remainder of his salary, accept a 26 year old in A ball, and then move on. The last 55 games of the year need to be played with 2011 in mind so Kila needs to be in the lineup almost everyday. That's enough time for him to get around 200 plate appearances and maybe, just maybe they will have a good idea if he can hit big league pitching when spring training rolls around. It's something I still wish they would have done with Justin Huber (yes, I'm still bitter).

At this point I'd even be open to the idea of Guillen in right field if it means Kila gets to DH. It's not ideal mind you but it's something I could accept. The outfield of Gordon/Blanco/Maier is preferable but in my opinion Kila's upside is larger than both Blanco and Maier. Yost said the situation would work itself out but didn't say how so you can understand my negativity when Kila sits two games in a row. I did read that he's playing today even though Oakland's starting pitcher is lefty Brett Anderson, I initially thought this was a questionable decision on Yost's part and they were setting Kila up to fail but I changed my thinking after checking out Anderson's splits.

vs RHB as LHP37663731513111439133.246.293.368.292
vs LHB as LHP3622226677061040.322.356.442.372
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I've written too many words the last couple years about Kila not getting a chance and hopefully this will be the last time I post this same, tired rant. He needs to play everyday no matter if Guillen is here or not, end of story.

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  1. I think Kila will be playing regularly very soon. Mellinger seems pretty convinced that the Guillen situation will be worked out very soon. But if they leave him to get one pinch hit every couple of games, they're just wasting everybody's time. I think we'll find out by week's end what they will do.