Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So what about Jai Miller?

Right now there are eight outfielders on the 40 man roster and that is including Willie Bloomquist. And that's the problem, Bloomquist is not a good outfielder and I'm not real sure when he obtained 4th outfielder status but it needs to end. With that being said I'd kind of like to see Jai Miller get a look. I'm not going to start a free Jai campaign or anything but I think as one of only three right handed hitters on the 40 man (Bloomquist and Parraz are the others) it's make more sense to have a 25 year old who has slugged over .500 the last two years than Bloomquist.

Miller strikes out a lot and doesn't get on base much so I'm not campaigning to have him inserted as the everyday right fielder but just as a backup. Bloomquist doesn't get on base much either (.280 OBP) and has no power (.347 SLG%), believe me this wouldn't be a downgrade at all.

Here are Miller's career AAA stats:
200924New OrleansFLA1023905599242165238106.289.360.510.870
2010252 TeamsKCR,OAK893674684232185735121.256.327.503.830
AAA (3 seasons)308125516829969953165125360.271.346.493.839
And who knows, maybe they catch lightening in a bottle and he turns out to be productive. Unlikely, I realize, but entirely possible. So would you release the spork and bring up Miller or would you rather stick with the status quo?


  1. No thanks, he's just a younger Guillen. Trust me his free swinging ways will have you longing for Bloomy in no time. Parraz is a diff story, he at least gets on base.

  2. Too late this year for anything but a September callup. I would give him a long look in September and in Spring Training.

    A backup OF needs to play good defense and be fast too though. Being better than Willie Bloomquist isn't exactly the gold standard.

  3. Still surprised Bloomy hasn't been moved for a bag of seeds or something. I would think he would be valuable in the NL, or as 25th man on a roster. That is his value, not as a 4th outfielder.

  4. Bloomquist definitely needs to be cut. Can we do that, like now? I would love to see one of Lough, Miller, Dyson, or Parraz before the end of the year. Lough and Miller have been on fire lately. I'm really not sold on Maier or Blanco either, so if we could get some sort of audition for one of those AAA guys that would be great.

    I guess Orlando and D.Robinson start out in AAA next year, or do they get a look there by the end of this year?

  5. A younger Guillen has a ton of value! He's obviously far from a perfect player, of course, but keeping a free swinger in a spot to do little damage and almost no cost can be win-win all the way.

  6. i agree Jeff, i wouldn't mind seeing him up in September and maybe the 4th OF next year.

    free swinging does not equal swinging and missing a lot. he draws walks at an acceptable rate. and he plays good defense from what I have seen.

    with the projected OF next year including DDJ and Gordon, both who are LH hitters who have at least some platoon issues and who both have injury histories, it would make sense to have an RH outfielder to spot each of them every so often. a guy like Miller makes sense to fill that role. Parraz might make sense also, though i feel his defense is quite a bit worse.