Monday, August 16, 2010

Well that was unexpected

I don't think anyone thought Bryan Bullington had that type of performance in him, I know I didn't. I should say anyone now because he was after all the #1 overall pick in 2002 where he was picked ahead of BJ Upton, Zack Greinke, Prince Fielder, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher (moneyball), Cole Hamels, and Matt Cain. That was a great first round and Bullington went first. Of course not much has gone right for him since that day but yesterday he dominated the Yankees allowing only two hits and a walk in eight innings, more importantly he allowed ZERO runs sending Yankees fans into hysteria (they apparently are incapable of enduring a series split with the horrid Royals).

I really hope a light has switched on for Bullington (Bully?), in his last 18 innings (2 relief appearances, 2 starts) he has given up only nine hits and three runs. It seems unlikely that he'd find his groove a month before he turns 30 but stranger things have happened. Worst case scenario he keeps Bannister from rejoining the rotation soon, best case Bannister never makes another start for Kansas City.

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