Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm amazed by Gil Meche's transformation from frequently injured struggling starter to dependable reliever. Amazed not because I doubt his talent but because I actually thought he would never throw another pitch as a Royal. Meche has appeared 7 times out of the bullpen and has given up just 1 run in 8 innings, sample size is still too small to form a lasting opinion but so far so good. While you might shudder at the thought of 11 million dollars in middle relief it sure does beat 11 million dollars on the disabled list.

Meche's story has received ample attention in this part of the country. In his first 82 starts as a Royal he had a 3.73 ERA (Only 10 pitchers in team history have started 80+ games with an ERA of 3.73 or lower.), that 82nd start of course was his infamous 132 pitch shutout. Over his next 18 starts his ERA was a ginormous 7.52 and I think it was assumed his arm was done. But Meche has surprised us and it will be real interesting to see what his role is next season. The logical move would be to keep him in the pen but with the starting pitching in shambles I could see the temptation to put him back in the rotation and hope for the best. I wouldn't agree with such a move but I would understand the reasoning behind it. After Greinke and Hochevar the 3-5 spots are filled with 3 question marks, at least until Montgomery & company arrive in KC.


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  3. Great observations - do you think we'll get to see more out of him?


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