Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking forward

The trade that sent David DeJesus to Oakland has somewhat confirmed two things in my opinion:
  1. Moore isn't likely to bring in a Ponson/Tomko type veteran to fill out the rotation.
  2. Alex Gordon will be a Royal in 2011.
If both of these hold to be true then I will be very pleased. It sounds like the rotation is set based on this Moore comment made yesterday.

“Prior to making this deal today,” Moore said, “we had (Zack) Greinke, (Luke) Hochevar, (Kyle) Davies and (Sean) O’Sullivan. That’s just four guys. Vin Mazzaro gives us a fifth.
“We’ve got some (candidates) internally. We’ve got Aaron Crow and, possibly, Everett Teaford and (Danny) Duffy. They’re going to get hard looks in spring training.

I guess my dream of Tejeda getting a shot will remain just that, a dream. Crow and Duffy have yet to see time in AAA and Teaford has all of 4.2 innings there, I doubt those three are given serious consideration. So it would appear then that the rotation heading into 2011 will be Greinke, Hochevar, Mazzaro, Davies, and O'Sullivan. I'm assuming Mazzaro will be the #3 guy, if not he certainly should be. I know a lot of fans felt like KC got ripped off but it looks to me they got a better return than the White Sox got for Nick Swisher (Wilson Betemit, Jhonny Nunez, & Jeff Marquez). At the time of that trade Swisher was 28 years old and had a 112 OPS+. If Mazzaro can be a legit #3 then this trade is a win for KC.

I halfway expected Gordon to get dealt this winter but with DDJ gone I can't see Moore trading away another starting outfielder (though apparently the Blue Jays are interested). I'm still a Gordon fan, in fact my belief that he will be an above average big leaguer has been both consistent and unrewarded. Mark my words though, it will happen. With Gordon in left and Blanco/Dyson in center it stands to reason that Moore will acquire another outfielder (I haven't forgotten Maier, I think his time is just about up in KC). It could likely be a minor league free agent but it's even more likely it will be Jeff Francoeur. It would be nice to have another right handed hitter with pop but it would be even nicer to have someone successful at getting on base, and that's not exactly a Francoeur specialty (.310 career OBP).


  1. No one is projecting his ceiling as a #3 starter anymore. If you look at his numbers, I think he's between Davies/Bannister, unfortunately. He's still youngish enough to get better, but old enough that there's no chance of him being in the minors. What do you think of Rany's notion that this is basically the first nail in the "Greinke as a Royal" coffin?

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