Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greinke gone

Well I guess it was inevitable. You guys know where I stood on a possible Greinke trade but that is now a moot viewpoint, the deed has been done. The Royals received SS Alcides Escobar, OF Lorenzo Cain, SP Jake Odorizzi, and RP Jeremy Jeffress.

Odorizzi is the only one not ML ready, Kevin Goldstein has him as the 9th best prospect in the Royals system but notes that he's easily top 3 in most systems (He also has Jeffress 8th). He's just 20 years old and has #2 starter upside.

Escobar had a disappointing first full season (.235/.288/.326/67 OPS+) but the upside is still there as he's only 24 years old. In his one season at AAA, in 2009, he hit .298/.353/.409 with 42 stolen bases. 

Jeffress is right handed relief pitcher that can touch triple digits. His inclusion in the deal makes me feel better about the trade. With Soria, Tejeda, Collins, and now Jeffress the Royals have the makings of a dominant relief corps.

Cain is a center fielder (of course) that hit .306/.348/.425 in 158 PA's for the Brewers last season. If Cabrera's signing was pointless before this trade it's even more bewildering after. How the outfield situation shakes out will be one of the more intriguing storylines in spring training.

In my opinion it appears Dayton Moore did okay, actually more than okay since he was able to send Betancourt to Milwaukee too. Since KC didn't receive a starting pitcher ready to step in it appears Hochevar will be the opening day starter by default (unless Yost elects to flip a coin or something). 2011 is going to be one rough ride.


  1. Jeff- Based on your previous post you mentioned how on base percentage is the most important statistic. I wont completely disagree with you, but I will take a guy with 40 less points on his OBP if he smacks 10-15 more home-runs. Just saying. The BEST players in the league IE- Pujols, Howard, A-Rod, A-Gonzalez and Ryan Braun all have very high OBP, HR's, RBI, and totally ability. A guy like Ichiro may lead the league in OBP, but I would NEVER take him over the above mentioned.

    As for the trade this past weekend, it has taken me some time, but I think Dayton did a good job. We filled a big need at SS and a solid CF prospect for the future. We added a power reliever to our disaster of a bullpen. Plus a top pitching prospect thats 20 years old to whats already being called, "the greatest farm system in recent memory." I think its a great trade, however, when you part with a former Cy Young winner its tough to swallow. Soria wont be going anywhere this year or Dayton will be booed from KC, but it would make since to move him as well if and when Collins to ready to take over. I like to argue my points as well as you do. I am 24 and have been a Royals season ticket holder for five seasons. I dont miss but 3-5 home games a year so I know my Royals pretty well. Keep up the good work, and I like your opinionated columns!

  2. I wouldn't take Ichiro over those guys either. His OBP is totally batting average dependant. He's only finished in the top 10 in OBP 3 times in his career, the top 8 just once.

    I do love OBP but we actually agree here, depending on the player I have no problem sacrificing OBP for power. If Mike Jacobs could have maintained a .500 slg% his .300 OBP would have been more bearable.

    We disagree on Soria, I think it'd be silly to trade him. He's cost controlled through 2014 and if they are contending by then, which many expect they will be, he will be needed.

    Thanks for kind words, and for reading.

  3. Nathan, would you take Mike Jacobs over Ichiro? It's easy to take a complete hitter that hits HRs and takes walks and generally has a high batting average, but if you want to say OBP or slugging, one or the other, which would you take? Jacobs the Slugger or Ichiro?

  4. We'll need him? Yeah, it'd be great to have him still...but I think I'd still take my chances with Collins/Jeffress as my closer and whichever top prospect we'd get for Soria (if we get a top prospect for Soria) over Soria + Collins/Jeffress as the set up men.

  5. Antonio- I would take Butler over Jacobs. Jacobs is not in my opinion a power hitter. He is a BACKUP DH. I would NEVER compare Ichiro to Jacobs thats just being dumb. Ichiro is a top 15-25 player in my opinion, based on his OVERALL skills. Jacobs is not even top 100 in my opinion.

    As for Soria, I love the guy! He is very important to our success no doubt. Remember Burgos? Oh lord. I am just saying IF and its a big IF Collins looks to form, then you have to think about it. Collins is going to be a closer if he continues to mold his skills. He is an extreme competitor as is Soria, but we could net HUGE return for Soria. No reason to have potentially 3 closers on this team, plus you cannot overlook Sorias arm troubles. I love Soria, hes my favorite Royal by far, but it may make sense in 2012 to move on without him, if Collins performs in 2010!

  6. It is trying to use extremities to prove a point. Your example was good power hitters with good patience.