Monday, December 27, 2010

Noteworthy links

Since I started this blog in January 2008 I've kept track of the site's statistics, mostly out of curiosity but also if I happen to find that people have stopped reading I'll likely stop posting. It's true that I haven't posted as much as in the past but that was more due to outside factors than anything else. Royals fans have kept reading, in fact this blog has seen a 300% increase in traffic compared to this time a year ago. That alone leads me to believe that the fan base is still passionate about their team. I honestly believe that when this team gets competitive there is going to be an electricity in the air unseen since the mid-80's. You can choose to view 2011 as an upcoming disaster or look at it as the first step towards respectability when some of the talented minor leaguers start making their way to KC.

Now on to the links.

Clark Fosler discusses the timing of Moustakas's promotion.
I firmly believe small market teams need to keep service time in mind when promoting top prospects. There is a widely held view that players hold a grudge and are less likely to extend long term when this is done, of course that ignores the more widely held view that Scott Boras clients are less likely to extend long term period.

Josh Duggan thinks the Royals need to take another look at Kevin Millwood.
Last we heard on the subject Moore wasn't inclined to bring in a FA pitcher, of course that was before Greinke was traded. I'm obviously not as opposed to this as I once was but if it were to happen I'd rather it came at the expense of Sean O'Sullivan as opposed to Everett Teaford.

Michael Engel opposes trading Billy Butler and Joakim Soria and in the process writes the post I had planned on writing (but now don't need to).
The Greinke trade did not signify the start of a fire sale and I believe trading Butler and Soria would be pure lunacy. Neither is a financial detriment and both are still young and improving. Of course if Moore is overwhelmed with a trade offer that's a different story but trading them just for tradings sake would be stupid and short sighted.


  1. FYI
    I stop by this site several times a day to check the updated links on the right. I read the content here but it saves me time so I don't have to go to each site and check.

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