Monday, February 14, 2011

Quality Starts - Royals edition

Inspired by a Murray Chass post I found something interesting regarding the Royals and quality starts. But first the quote that set the ball rolling:
If a pitcher pitches six innings and gives up three or fewer earned runs he is credited with a quality start. Never mind that three earned runs in six innings computes to a 4.50 earned run average; that’s a quality start.
Now Rob Neyer already responded to this in typical Neyer fashion, and I'm sure you already read it, but Chass got me wondering how the Royals fared in such games. Last year KC had 9 games where their starting pitcher went exactly 6 innings and gave up exactly 3 earned runs, their record in those games was 8-1. In all of their quality starts KC had a 47-24 record but it's the 6/3 starts that fascinate me. As a franchise KC typically hasn't done well in these games, they are 87-99 overall but are 15-5 since 2008.

Decade W L
1969 0 6
70's 12 17
80's 13 15
90's 23 26
00's 31 34
2010 8 1

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  1. Is he still going on about this? It's just some meaningless number that has a grandiose name that overstates its importance, much like the save. I believe the last time I read his nonsense in regards to this nonstat, he used some Dodger from the 60s (or maybe it was in the Brooklyn days-though that is doubtful). Does the man not realize the game has changed with each era? What has changed since those 60s Dodgers? The mound has came down (and it's actually monitored unlike those Dodgers) and the pitchers are more timid due to a series of changes that favor the hitter such as one league has the DH, smaller parks, alleged juiced balls, and their opponents are using substances (legal and illegal) and advanced weight training. Lyndon Johnson (and Dwight Eisenhower) aren't President anymore, Murray. Wake up and retire.