Friday, February 25, 2011

Yost on Getz

From Dutton's article in the Star:
“His bat never came around,” Yost said. “He has the opportunity, we think, to be a high on-base guy with gap-to-gap power as a line-drive hitter. He’s a guy who can steal some bases.

Yost and Moore throw the phrase high on base guy around a lot. As inconceivable as it sounds I do not think that means what they think it means.

This is most likely Yost just spewing out another cliché but seeing how there's a 99% chance that Getz starts the season as the every day second baseman, well, it makes me wonder. In 670 career plate appearances Getz has a .315 OBP and 33 extra base hits so up to this point he's not been remotely close to being a high on base guy with gap to gap power. He wasn't exactly either of those things in the minors either so I'm not sure why Yost believes he can be those things now.

I think the general assumption is that when Moustakas is called up then Aviles will slide over to second and hold that position until Giavotella claims it. I suspect, though, that Yost would rather Getz stay put. I may be reading too much into a spring training quote, which I've been known to do, but this is the Royals and light hitting infielders have soaked up way too many at bats the last several years. So what's 600 more I guess?

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