Monday, March 28, 2011

Aaron Crow thoughts

Multiple online sources are reporting that Aaron Crow has made the Royals opening day roster as a reliever. This is very interesting in a lot of ways, both good and bad depending on how you look at it.

I'll keep this short and sweet. If you're here you've probably already read all the reasons why this could be bad or good for Crow and the Royals -- service time, work with McClure, his bad season in 2010, etc. Bottom line for me is that if this signals the end of Crow as a starter, than it's not a good move at all. I'm not so much concerned about service time or whatever because pitchers get hurt, and getting six healthy years out of a pitcher is a good thing. It's a factor, but not a huge one, not one that will keep me from putting the best team on the field. I absolutely believe Crow is one of the best relievers the Royals have right now.

If Crow is eventually moved into a starting role, then this will all be forgotten. If not, I will be pretty disappointed that we don't get to see how he does.

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  1. Pretty much word for word what I was thinking. I like him in the bullpen to start the season and then eventually stretched out and given a shot in the rotation.

    But if they've decided he's a reliever without ever giving him a chance to succeed or fail as a starter I'll be extremely disappointed.