Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning tweets

I like this. If true, and no reason to believe it's not, it shows Dayton Moore still believes Alex Gordon is capable of being an above average outfielder. Of course you already know where I stand on Gordon, I'm still a believer. In a Royals preview I participated in at C70 I mentioned that Gordon could be the next David DeJesus, that's of course a far cry from being the next George Brett but it's not at all an insult. DeJesus was a fine player here for many years and at this point I think fans and the front office would be thrilled if Gordon could replicate his numbers. Of course I believe his upside is still greater than that but it does seem quite likely he'll never be a dominant force at the plate.

With Salvador Perez a couple years away it appears Moore may be looking for a catcher closer to major league ready. It could also be that they don't quite believe in his bat, after all he did hit .189/.230/.236 in 137 PA's at low A Burlington in 2009. Last year for Wilmington he put together a .290/.322/.411 line, coupled with his exceptional defense people begin to take notice and started throwing out the catcher of the future label. I expect he'll play full seasons for Northwest Arkansas this year and Omaha next so his KC ETA probably falls in 2013, that is if his bat continues to develop. Kendall is gone after this season and Moore seems to loathe the idea of Pena being the starting catcher so I can see why they're looking around, I guess.


  1. Perez didn't really start to take off at the plate until Myers arrived to take half of his starts behind the dish. If he's going to need that, we better have a good second half for our catching tandem. Perez/Pina could fit the bill nicely, but I've seen people (non-professionals) say that Perez is going to surprise some people a be a TOP FIVE organizational prospect in the next Handbook. That's asinine... Too many prospects won't graduate this season for that to happen.

  2. I don't think that prospects need to graduate, I think Perez is just that good, he will move up past some of the Seniors.