Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday linkage

It was nice to see Alex Gordon showcase his dominating alter ego yesterday, he's now hitting .330/.550/.630 this spring and leads the team in both walks (11) and RBIs (10). Hopefully he can carry this over in to the regular season.

If you haven't come across these yet here's some reading material for you this fine Sunday morning.


  1. Jeff, would you like to assist me in writing a whole book with a subject matter I don't understand?

    Even if Moneyball was completely about what misunderstanding people think it's about, you don't have to point at Beane's lack of World Championships. You can point at Weaver's World Championships. The things that sabr types try to "deny or rebel" are things that are simply luck. Not bad things, not things that don't count. Simply luck.

  2. I won't write the book but I will mock it and vehemently disagree without reading one word.

  3. Jeff Parker, the Joe Morgan for the post-modern world!


  4. Someone has to take up his mantle..