Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And yet....

Well that was ugly, and yet despite the 19-1 drubbing the Royals are still at .500 (20-20) and only 6 games back. A win tonight could somewhat ease the sting of Mazzaro's meltdown, not to mention move the boys in blue to just 5 back of the Indians. All is definitely not lost. The last five times the Indians scored 19+ in a game, they lost the next day. So yes, I'm saying there's a chance.

However, the offense is getting to be as big a mess as the rotation is right now. They've scored 2 runs or less in 6 of their last 9 games, they're hitting .198/.285/.321 in those 9 games, and included in that is a 16 hit, 11 run performance against the Yankees. There doesn't seem to be an easy fix here either, not when 4 or 5 guys every night have OBPs under .310. 

I'm not sure if Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Montgomery, and Danny Duffy* can right this ship but I have a feeling we are going to find out real soon.

*Update - And Duffy has in fact been called up, he will start tomorrow against the Rangers. You have to admit, this season just got a  little more interesting. 

Here is his numbers for Omaha this season.

2011 3 1 3.00 7 36.0 10 43 1.111 7.5 2.5 10.8 4.30


  1. Huh, go figure. I was thinking Teaford. I'm now wondering what it's going to be like in early June if the Royals manage to stay within shouting distance. Callups and trades galore?

  2. Teaford will have to start this weekend, its getting crazy around here.

  3. I think its a smart but yet troublesome situation for Saturday. I like the idea of seeing Adcock get a chance to start and he does indeed throw strikes. The problem is, he has to remain on the roster the entire season.

    I hope they are not throwing him into the fire. Huge game with the Cardinals and the stands will be packed. I hope we dont have to worry about him not panning out, but he has been quite good in the bullpen.

    I also like the fact that we are not rushing Monty up for this weekend. I just hope we can make it to June still somewhat in the race. If we can then the floodgates of talent will open. Monty, Cain, and Moustakus just to name a few that will be here.

    I think its a special time in KC. We are seeing this right before our eyes. Yes there will be hardships, but the quicker those learning curves and jitters get moved along, the better we will be down the stretch.

    I am really excited and I will be there tonight cheering Duffy to a big win against Texas!