Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 5 most despicable Yankees ever

Last night with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 7th inning, Yost let both Escobar and Getz bat, both struck out. I'm pretty sure a contending team's manager would've had Betemit pinch hit for one of them, Yost didn't do that. Just saying.

One of the advantages of being my age is I can remember the Royals glory years, well most of them, 1976 is a little fuzzy. And of course to remember the glory years is to remember the rivalry with the Yankees, a rivalry that lost its luster in the 1980's when the Yankees became less interesting, and completely died out in the 1990's when the Royals began their era of futility.

Like any good rivalry there was a healthy dose of animosity on both sides, among the players and of course among the fans. So it was only natural that I would grow to despise any player that would wear the pinstripes. And despise them I did, mostly because they defeated the Royals in the playoffs three straight years, and partly because they made Freddie Patek cry.

So today I present to you the 5 most despicable Yankees ever. It was pretty tough narrowing it down to just 5, it was kind of like picking my favorite Seinfeld episodes, in that there were a lot of worthy candidates.

5. Bucky Dent
Patek was my favorite player so naturally Dent, as the Yankees shortstop, would be a guy I would detest. Also I didn't like his nickname, Bucky. That's the nickname of the annoying neighborhood kid who gets on everybody's last nerve, every street has that kid (if yours don't then I hate to tell you this, but, your kid is that kid). That he would later manage the Yankees didn't exactly help his case any either.

4. Rich Gossage
Goose always looked like he was in a bad mood, that just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. And he was ugly. He had a 179 ERA+ as a Yankee so he was also quite good, although the Royals did have his number in the ALCS (4.1 innings, 4 earned runs).

3. Reggie Jackson
I'm not sure what the qualifications are for True Yankees but I suspect Jackson didn't meet the criteria. He was arrogant and a showman, traits that I found boorish. However, when he was reincarnated as a California Angel I learned to like his attitude, and even found him slightly endearing. Must have been the pinstripes clouding my earlier judgement.

2. Billy Martin
I don't know what was worse, his predilection for arguing every call that went the opposing teams way, or his tendency to over-manage in a way that made Tony LaRussa jealous. There was also the matter of his unnatural reaction to excessive pine tar. It's hard to be mad at him for that though, as that did inspire the funniest sketch ever made by The Baseball Bunch.

1. Don Mattingly
Mattingly had a pretty good season in 1985. He walked away with the MVP award that should've went to George Brett and he got away with a drunken display of public urination, in Kansas City of all places. He was married to this though, so... well, I'll just leave it at that.

Honorable Mention:
Every Yankee not named Lou Gehrig or Tommy John.


  1. I hated Graig Nettles. He kicked Brett in the face during game 5 in '77 and made a diving stop every week that seemed to save the Yankees.

    Roy White was a guy I couldn't stand as well. I always wondered why New Yorkers thought he was so good.

  2. Oh believe me, Nettles was on my short list.

  3. Ned Yost hates pinch hitting. If it weren't for the pinch runners I might think he sleeps during games.

    Trey loved to pinch hit with no rhyme or reason. In 2009 His last full year) the team had 82 PH at bats, more than one every other game. Once a week he pinch hit with one of these 6 batters: Bloomquist, Luis Hernandez, TPJ, Josh Anderson, Tug Hulett and Ryan Freel. Why?

    Yost has pinch hit only 4 times this year, in a season packed with extra inning, 1 and 2 run games, and a lineup with a few spots which beg for a sub. Contending or not, he just doesn't like doing it.

    Oh and Mickey Rivers was the spawn of the devil.

  4. Ned quite simply does not like to pinch hit. He has done it only 4 times this season, a season that includes many extra inning one run and two run games. With a lineup with a few people who beg to be pinch hit for. If it weren't for the pinch running, I might think he slept through games.

    Mickey Rivers was my most hated Yankee.

  5. Nettles and Rivers would both be in the top 10 on my list, couple of great choices there.

    The pinch hitting thing is bizarre, I wonder what goes through his head late in games when Escobar & Getz come up with runners in scoring position?

  6. "...should have gone..."

  7. Hey, I just surfed in here looking for that picture of Patek in the dugout. I've been a Yankee fan sine 1973 and rooted for them to beat the Royals in the 4 playoff series they played. But I always respected the Royals. They were a great organization. Patek was one of my favorite non-Yankee players.

    The Royals have fallen on hard times lately, but fans can take solace in them having inspired some of the greatest sportswriting of the last several decades: Bill James, Rob Neyer, Rany Jayazerli, and Joe Posnanski. Must be something in the KC air.