Monday, May 9, 2011

It's always sunny in Kansas City

A couple of commenters more or less called me out for the decidedly negative tone this blog has taken lately, and I gotta say, they're absolutely right. I was actually thinking about this before I read their comments and had already planned something on the positive side for today. I'm going to readdress some recent topics, but this time though, I'll be coming from a different angle. There's also some things I haven't touched on yet but probably should have.

Hosmer's debut

Even though I never posted anything regarding Eric Hosmer's debut weekend, I did enjoy it. He just looks like a major league hitter, and truth be told, the club is better with his bat and glove in the lineup. And just to be clear, my dissatisfaction with his promotion had little or nothing to do with him. But now that he's here, it's clear that every plate appearance is an event not to be missed. A .333/.500/.444 line in the weekend series shows that he didn't get overmatched by the A's very talented pitching staff. When I was younger it seemed like everything stopped when George Brett strode to the plate, nothing else mattered until his plate appearance was over. I think it's going to be like that with Hosmer, heck, it already is.

Francoeur's hot start

I posted last week that if Jeff Francoeur's OPS was north of .800 on June 1st then I might start coming around. Well it's not June 1st obviously, but I did come across something interesting. His .926 OPS right now is the highest it's ever been on any May 9th in his career. That may seem insignificant but remember May has typically been a bad month for him. That he's maintained his pace this far into May has to be encouraging, to doubters and non-doubters alike. Here's a chart featuring his OPS on May 9th during every year of his career (excluding his rookie year, he didn't get called up until July).

What rotation issues?

Ok maybe that's too positive but still, the Royals have played 7 games in May and the starting pitchers have thrown a quality start in 6 of them. Sean O'Sullivan has been surprisingly effective and, in his last start, went 8 innings for the first time in his career. I'd suggested his start is not sustainable but truth be told, I didn't think it was even possible, and he just keeps proving me wrong.

Gordon is who I thought he was

Well long time readers know two things about me - 1) On base percentage is my favorite stat and 2) I've never stopped believing in Alex Gordon. The sample size continues to get larger and he continues to hit (150 PAs, 144 OPS+, AL leading 13 doubles). His doubters, unlike Francoeur's, have been rather quiet this year. That's fine, welcome to the bandwagon, you know who you are.


The next 13 games (6 away, 7 home)  are against the Yankees, Tigers, Indians, Rangers, and Cardinals. If they're around .500 after that stretch then I'll take Ned's claim more seriously. Sorry, that's the best I can do.

Chris Getz

Getz shares a birthday with a guy who played on the Royals first World Series team, Dave Chalk. That's all I got. Maybe I better stop here while I'm ahead.


  1. Interesting stat about Chris Getz.


    Okay, I lied. I got nothin'.

  2. There's not much there, if anything.

  3. Just for the heck of it...Getz is currently the youngest active MLB player born on August 30. His birthday is also shared with former Royals Todd Wellemeyer and Renie Martin. Other notables with the same birthday are Cliff Lee and Hall-Of-Famers Kiki Cuyler and Ted Williams.

  4. Hosmer is now the third-youngest player in the AL.

    Tim Collins was the third-youngest until Hosmer.

  5. Heck, I AM old. Shame 'bout that.