Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stay the course

As of this post, the Royals are 16-13, so it is understandable that some fans are impatient about players that are not producing. I can see from their perspective why they want Eric Hosmer and Danny Duffy in Kansas City. Those two in particular make a compelling case because of how well they are playing.

But have we not been preaching patience the last two or three years while our Minor League stockpile continues to crow? Why are we abandoning this thought now? Because of this nice start? Let's be honest -- the Royals are still going to have problems even if they brought up some of these prospects. Hosmer does not fix the offensive production from the shortstop and catcher positions. Duffy does not fill three spots in the starting rotation that need fixed. And no, he can't go down to the bullpen to fill the left reliever spot at the same time.

Let this thing play out a little longer, fans. Let's make sure this team has a chance to go places until we start making changes that will affect this franchise's long term success or failure. Make sure that Kila Ka'aihue is not going to be a good Major League hitter before releasing him, and make sure Jeff Francouer and Alex Gordon are really these new found revelations before counting on them for a playoff run.

We've been patient for this long. I want to see this team win as much as anyone. But now is not the time to stop being patient. Rushing prospects now negates every ounce of time and energy that the organization has spilled into developing them. This team's time is coming. Let's make sure it is now before we make drastic changes.

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