Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getz comps

As Johnny Giavotella continues to rake and Chris Getz continues to, um, not, I thought I'd take a look at Getz's baseball-reference similar batters to see how many career plate appearances they received. Getz is at 922 and counting. I believe at bats are incorporated into similarity scores, so if he keeps playing he'll eventually get some new company but here's who he's rooming with right now.
  1. Les Burke - 581
  2. Alberto Gonzalez - 762 (active)
  3. Dee Phillips - 626
  4. Barney McLaughlin - 766
  5. Jack Lewis - 761
  6. Doc Gautreau - 935
  7. Jay Partridge - 702
  8. Hank Schenz - 575
  9. Wilson Delgado - 601
  10. Johnny O'Brien - 906
All these guys had less than a thousand PAs for a reason with that reason being, of course, that Ned Yost wasn't their manager.

1 comment:

  1. I've heard enough about how poor Giavotella's defense is around 2nd that it makes me wonder what the Royals think of him long-term. I'd be more than happy to think of him as a RF, but his power doesn't project to a corner OF spot.

    Whatever happens, I would just hope the Royals don't think of Getz and/or Francoeur as more than temporary solutions.