Friday, June 10, 2011


Mike Moustakas has arrived, and the circumstances surrounding his promotion were awfully similar to those of Eric Hosmer. Both were promoted on Thursday afternoons following a Royals victory. Hopefully the similarities don't end there as all Hosmer has done since being promoted is hit (.309/.349/.485/133 OPS+). Hosmer probably possess a more advanced bat so it wouldn't surprise me to see Moustakas initially struggle. But I think he will hit.

Moose hit .287/.347/.498 with 10 home runs, 15 doubles, and 44 RBIs for Omaha in 55 games this year.

Mike Aviles is the odd man out, which kind of makes the roster awkward and uncomfortable. I've always been a huge Aviles but he's been struggling offensively and defensively this year so I get why he was demoted. But that leaves Wilson Betemit as the emergency utility infielder, and I use emergency in the way it's used for emergency catchers and emergency quarterbacks, meaning I don't believe for a second he'll spend an inning at shortstop or second base. If he could actually play a passable second that would be a boon for the offense. But I'm guessing he can't and I'm not sure I'd want to watch him try.

I suspect he'll be dealt soon and Aviles will find his way back to KC, once again splitting time with Getz. That's speculation on my part though, they may instead decide to call up Johnny Giavotella who's hitting .302/.363/.412 for Omaha. I think most fans would be ok with that move too, I know I would be. I'm sure most people assumed Giavotella would soon enough be passed on the depth chart by Christian Colon but I think there's a very real possibility that Colon stays at shortstop. Again speculation on my part, but Alcides Escobar is showing no signs of figuring out big league pitching so KC will eventually have to replace him.


  1. You bring up a lot of good points that started to surface last night. In the short term, the biggest is who plays short if Escobar gets hurt? Sure, it might only be for a couple of innings, until someone can be brought up from Omaha, but this is the majors. Can Getz play a better short than Betemit? That might matter if Wilson is dealt, and Gio comes up.

    Does Colon stay at SS?

    It's interesting how bringing up Moose exposes the SS problem.

    Also, I think Yost is an idiot for not pinch-hitting for Escobar in the 9th inning, unless he has no one to play defense at SS. It's like Yost knew this would happen.

  2. Not banging any Betemit drums, but I will say two things about Betemit: 1) what nobody seems to want to say is that he's played decently at 3rd this year...few errors, yes, but his defense has been quite acceptable, and 2) Betemit played quite a bit of SS and 2B for the Braves, although it was some years ago -- but let's realize we're talking about a stopgap measure, not someone who is going to be at that position for the next couple of years.

    Throw Betemit in matters about as much as playing Escobar every day, who hits well for a pitcher, but inexcusably bad for a position player.

  3. Yost needs to play for the win, which means pinch-hitting for Alcides last in games that you are behind by more than a run. Can Getz or Betemit play shortstop if Royals rally? Star notes that Betemit is taking balls at ahort in pregame.