Monday, June 6, 2011

Twins series featured a massive amount of same ol', same ol'

After taking two of three from the Angels, and with a four game set with the Twins next, the Royals seemed like they were in good position for a great home stand. Then they promptly played their most uninspired ball of the season. It wasn't just that they got swept, it's that every game in the series was one we had already seen too many times this year.

Game 1 - Twins 8 Royals 2
Sean O'Sullivan started and gave up 7 runs, it was his fourth straight start where he'd given up 6+. Pathetic. He gave up 10 runs in his previous start, so considering the way Adcock and Mazzaro were dealt after similar disastrous outings it was a surprise O'Sullivan was allowed to remain in the rotation. Or maybe not, Yost is a notoriously inconsistent.

Game 2 Twins 5 Royals 2
Besides inheriting Zack Greinke's number Danny Duffy has also inherited the ability to silence the Royals offense just by merely starting. KC is averaging 3.55 runs per game for Duffy, and though he hasn't pitched great, he hasn't actually pitched bad either. In his four starts he's given up 2,2,3,3 runs. His WHIP (1.67) and BB/9 (5.8) are not good but his SO/9 (7.5) suggests he's not being overmatched. A little run support would be nice.

Game 3 Twins 7 Royals 2
A typical Luke Hochevar start. He looked ok through 6 innings but Yost once again sent him out for the 7th inning and once again Hochevar fell apart. In innings 1-6 he has a tolerable 4.57 ERA but in the 7th inning it's 14.29 (9 ER in 5.2 IP, 9 G). We're past the point of teaching moments here. Simply put, he has no business ever taking the mound in the 7th, no matter his pitch count or performance.

Game 4 Twins 6 Royals 0
Jeff Francis once again put the Royals in an early hole when he gave up 3 runs in the 1st inning. The defense certainly did him no favors as 2 of the runs were unearned, but still, he now has a 8.31 1st inning ERA. The league has a .412 OBP against Francis in the opening frame, so whatever he's doing to prepare before the game obviously isn't working. Maybe he should simulate the 1st inning in the bullpen, unless he's already doing that, in which case he needs to stop.

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  1. The Royals don't really have any business winning any games in a 4-game series where they score 6 runs. We know the starters aren't good was to be hoped that the offense could score consistently enough to win some games in spite of this. Now, even that isn't happening anymore.