Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yost on Davies

“But when you’ve got guys like Kyle Davies and Bruce Chen, two guys who are pretty important to your 
starting rotation, you can’t just move them out."  Ned Yost

Chen I'll give him, but Davies, I'm not sure how to respond to so idiotic a statement.  Of course you can move Davies out, simply because he's one of the worst pitchers in baseball history. And he's not shown that he's getting better either. I really wish somebody would point Yost to so that he can see that a lot of what he says is purely insane. I mean there's no way that he can believe this garbage, is there?

And that's what it is, garbage. Since 1901 there have been 1,461 pitchers throw at least 700 innings, among those:

Only four have a lower ERA+.

Player ERA+ IP
Mike Kekich 73 860.2
Kevin Jarvis 74 780.2
Jay Hook 75 752.2
Phil Ortega 75 951.2
Kyle Davies 77 747.2
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Only sixteen have a worse WAR.

Player WAR IP
Bill Bailey -6.3 1084.1
Gus Dorner -5.8 910.1
Mike Kekich -5.8 860.2
Kevin Jarvis -5.6 780.2
Elmer Myers -4.8 1102.0
Fred Mitchell -4.4 718.1
Randy Lerch -4.2 1099.1
Jimmy Jones -3.7 755.0
Wade Blasingame -3.6 863.2
Les Sweetland -3.4 740.2
Happy Townsend -3.4 1137.2
Don Black -3.1 797.0
Hal Gregg -2.9 827.0
John D'Acquisto -2.8 779.2
Kaiser Wilhelm -2.7 1432.1
Mal Eason -2.7 942.1
Kyle Davies -2.4 747.2
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Only twelve have a higher WHIP.

Player WHIP IP
Les Sweetland 1.823 740.2
Claude Willoughby 1.803 841.1
Roxie Lawson 1.732 851.2
Sugar Cain 1.710 987.1
Russ Van Atta 1.693 712.1
Lou Kretlow 1.659 785.1
Chief Hogsett 1.646 1222.0
Jimmy Haynes 1.632 1200.2
Hub Pruett 1.627 745.0
Kevin Ritz 1.626 753.1
Jack Wilson 1.621 1131.2
Ken Chase 1.615 1165.0
Kyle Davies 1.614 747.2
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used

I've said before, and still believe, that the rotation can get by with Davies or Hochevar but not both, and since Hochevar isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future it would be madness to send Davies out there every fifth day again.

So that's probably exactly what will happen.


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