Monday, July 4, 2011

Mile high madness

Yesterday wasn't Alex Gordon's day, first he got snubbed and then he got hurt. He apparently wasn't the All-Star lock that I thought he was, but that can be rectified as he's among the finalists for the final spot. Vote early, vote often. It may be a long shot to get him in but I have faith that the fan base that got Eric Hosmer trending on twitter will give it their best shot. As for his injury, it's not believed to be serious (was I the only one that cringed upon hearing that?) thankfully.

Aaron Crow did get selected for the ASG, which probably means Yost's use of the rookie won't change. (Let's be clear here though, Lloyd Christmas had a better chance of landing Mary Swanson than Aaron Crow does of actually making an appearance in the All-Star game.) After watching Davies and Hochevar continue to do what they do best it's getting harder and harder to understand why Crow isn't being stretched out.

The rotation is a mess this season and probably will be next year too so the decision to keep in the bullpen is borderline bizarre. I get that he struggled in the minors last year but he is clearly not the same pitcher. Unless he's being groomed to take over the closers role (which is still a gross misemploy of his talent in my opinion) it would seem that the Royals wasted their 2009 first round draft pick on a setup man. Is that harsh? Maybe a little, but look at his numbers compared to Louis Coleman and Greg Holland.


RP Aaron Crow 24 2 1 1.36 33 0 39.2 17 39 284 1.084 3.9 8.8 2.29

RP Louis Coleman 25 0 2 2.39 24 1 26.1 14 32 162 1.063 4.8 10.9 2.29

RP Greg Holland 25 2 1 1.37 15 0 19.2 6 24 284 0.966 2.7 11.0 4.00
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Coleman was also a 2009 pick but he was taken in the 5th round while Holland was drafted in the 10th round in 2007. Neither, I doubt, was ever considered to be a first round possibility. Now with that being said, I don't believe for a second that two years ago Royals management thought Crow's was future was in the bullpen. If they've changed their mind based solely on one minor league season and three major league months then I have serious questions about their decision making process.

KC scored a season high 16 runs yesterday in a game that brought a welcome end to the NL portion of their current road trip. They went 1-5 but their is some bright side, here is how the players representing the core of future contending teams fared in the six games:

Hosmer - .333/.348/.571 1 HR, 2 2B's, 6 RBI's
Moustakas - .421/.476/.526 2 2B's
Escobar - .261/.320/.348 2 2B's
Gordon - .364/.440/.545 1 2B, 1 HR

Noticeably absent from above is Billy Butler. Due to the National League's antiquated rules Butler only started one game on the road trip, which is why I'm glad the inter-league portion of the schedule is complete.


  1. Crow needs to be stretched out after the ASB; his talent is wasted as a setup guy. No reason to believe he still is not the guy they drafted to be a starter. Best relievers are often retreads and fungible. Any interest in Ryan Franklin?

    NL does not have antiquated rules. That is the way baseball should be played. I'm sure Yostie will boo hoo after Hoch getting hurting sliding. If pitchers cannot run bases, then they are not athletes.

  2. Well we'll have to agree to disagree on the DH. I hate watching pitchers attempt to hit.

    As for Crow, if he washes out as a starter then he can easily be returned to his setup role.

  3. I'd like to see them trade Soria and stick Crow in the closers role. I don't think he'd be a waste, gotta have a closer and I think he'd be a good one.

  4. Case can also be made that Soria should be stretched out, with his variety of pitches, to be a starter. Since Soria is under a team-friendly contract, his wishes should also be considered. But Royals will certainly need some right-handed starters in the future.

    Great relief pitching is a waste of talent with the current construction of the Royals. And some of these college guys they have should be able to fill roles in the pen (with additions of vets who was out elsewhere). Look around the league: How many teams have a closer that washed out elsewhere?

  5. I wouldn't mind that either. I see no downside to stretching out both of them. If it works rotation is light years better and if it doesn't you stick them back in the pen.