Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notable July 31st transactions

With the deadline a few hours away it certainly looks like Moore is intending to stand pat. I'm not so sure that's a bad idea. If all he is being offered is players who'll be longshots to make it to KC then he'd be trading just to be trading. Cabrera and Francoeur have been much better than expected so addition by subtraction wouldn't apply, unless you think Lorenzo Cain can match or exceed their offensive numbers. Chen and Francis have been more than serviceable and aren't blocking anyone except Mazzaro who, let's face it, just isn't very good. So I could see Moore standing pat with good reason today. 

I was on b-r's historical transaction page today looking at some of KC's past moves on July 31st. Here are a few of the more interesting and/or terrifying.

The Kansas City Royals traded Octavio Dotel to the Atlanta Braves for Kyle Davies.

Remember the Dotel rumors when everyone thought KC was going to land a real prospect? It didn't happen and this trade wasn't well received by fans at all. 

The Kansas City Royals traded Rey Sanchez to the Atlanta Braves for Alejandro Machado and Brad Voyles.

Six days prior KC completed the infamous Dye/Perez trade so Sanchez became expendable. Sanchez was one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball.

The Kansas City Royals traded Kevin Appier to the Oakland Athletics for Jeff D'AmicoBrad Rigby and Blake Stein.

Sigh. The return KC got for the best starting pitcher in team history was underwhelming to say the least. Neither D'Amico (13.1 IP, 56 ERA+) or Rigby (29.2 IP, 53 ERA+) amounted to much. Stein had a 123 ERA+ after the trade, and showed flashes of potential the next couple of years, but ultimately his time in KC is regarded as a disappointment. Stein, interestingly enough, was part of the haul Oakland received for Mark McGwire two years earlier.

The Kansas City Royals traded Jon Lieber and Dan Miceli to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Stan Belinda.

Lieber was a 2nd round pick the year before and would go on to win 131 career games, including 20 in 2001. He posted a 103 ERA+ in nearly 2200 innings while Belinda pitched 76.1 uneventful innings for KC. It's safe to say this wasn't one of the finer trades in team history.

The Kansas City Royals released Dave Stieb

I'll be honest here, I don't remember KC ever signing Stieb, but apparently they did the month before. This is only notable because he was one of the best pitchers in the 1980's. He must have been recovering from injury because he didn't appear in one game.

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