Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday observations

I had started a post on Luke Hochevar but lost interest in it by the second paragraph. What else is there to say about him really? So instead here are a few other things I'm pondering on this hot sunny day.

  • Aaron Crow has given up 5 earned runs in his last 9 innings. I've made no secret that I'd love to see him stretched him out and I think now is the right time. He's been nails in the bullpen all season, and that may be where he belongs, but a trial run in the rotation isn't going to hamper his development. If successful he becomes more valuable and becomes one less question mark heading in to spring training next year. 

  • Today Chris Getz goes 0-4 while Johnny Giavotella hit 2 home runs for Omaha. Getz's 0-fer dropped his season line to .251/.310/.281. Those numbers would be slightly more tolerable if he fielded like Frank White and wasn't batting leadoff. But he doesn't and he is. Moore and Yost's failure to acknowledge that Getz is not talented enough to be an everyday player continue to amaze and annoy me.

  • The delay in calling up Lorenzo Cain hasn't been an issue since Cabrera and Francoeur have been productive this season but the rest of the year should be played with an eye on 2012 and beyond. With that in mind it'd be silly to keep both of the outfielders beyond the trade deadline, one of them should absolutely be dealt to make room for Cain. I covered this in greater detail for the St. Joseph News Press this week.

  • Billy Butler is batting .237/.293/.289 over his last 24 games. It's just a slump, he'll get over it. On a related note, any point system that claims Getz has been more valuable than Butler this year is a joke.

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